Maison Du Solide


Brand Identity / Packaging / Product Photography & Art Direction

Maison Du Solide, a visionary solid-based skincare brand, embodies purity, sustainability and transparency. Guided by a devotion to natural ingredients, the brand pioneers conscious consumption by eliminating superfluous elements. With an unwavering mission to reduce the use of plastic and eliminate harmful chemicals, Maison Du Solide harmoniously combines personal care and environmental responsibility. The brand's essence is artistically expressed through a visually captivating identity, a testament to its commitment to efficacy, ethics and the purest skincare experience. At Studio Unika, we proudly directed the art, designed the packaging and developed the brand strategy/identity, ensuring a harmonious fusion of values in this visionary skincare experience, all to ensure a seamless alignment of values and aesthetics within a concise and impactful message. We are proud to bring the ethos of Maison Du Solide to life with a touch of artistry, purpose and a firm commitment to a pure, sustainable future.

Rua Ferreira Borges 191

1350-131 / Lisboa, Portugal

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