The Studio

­­­Unika* studio is a creative agency, founded in 2015 by Grethel Signamarcheix; founder & director and Sergio Castro; founder & creative director.

­­­Unika* specializes in brand identity, brand strategy, art direction, web development, interior design, digital marketing, brand management, fashion and product design.

We are an office of Creativity and Design that is passionate about helping our clients bring their stories to life in a way that is both efficient and beautiful.

We go beyond the surface and delve into the social imaginary to develop concepts and value propositions that perfectly capture the essence of our projects.

We breathe new life into brands, both old and new.

Our team of creatives come together in a collaborative effort to create visually stunning experiences that leave a lasting impression.

We believe that every project is an opportunity to tell a captivating story through the power of design.

Working closely with our clients, we develop comprehensive brand strategies that encompass all aspects of their visual identity, messaging, and overall brand positioning.

Rua Ferreira Borges 191

1350-131 / Lisboa, Portugal

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