Le Quatre-Vins Sept


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Welcome to Le Quatre-Vins Sept, a contemplative space where desire and expression converge in the world of wine. Beyond a transaction, our brand transforms wine purchasing into a reflective journey, recognizing that the ritual begins with envisioning flavors, aromas, and moods—transcending the bottle. As a steadfast companion in the pursuit of pleasure, Le Quatre-Vins Sept provides a haven where imagination meets expertise. Whether independently exploring French wine or seeking guidance, we at Studio Unika bridge the connection between you, wine, and food. It's your concealed realm, where your relationship with wine unfolds through thoughtful pairings and unexpected finds. Experience, enjoy, and take home a piece of our passion. Beyond a physical space, it becomes your dwelling in the world of wine, with Studio Unika's curated branding, storytelling, and interior concept adding a narrative of passion and expertise to each enriching experience.

Rua Ferreira Borges 191

1350-131 / Lisboa, Portugal

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