Magali Pascal


Brand Identity / Brand Strategy / Print Material

Magali Pascal's rebranding was meticulously crafted with a focus on cultivating a youthful allure. The essence of the redesign lies in its minimalistic, sharp, and straightforward typography, strategically tailored to resonate with the millennial aesthetic. The logo embodies a bold and daring emblem, purposefully designed to captivate attention while maintaining a sense of minimalism that mirrors the inherent classiness of the Magali Pascal brand. The carefully chosen typography serves as a visual language, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary appeal and timeless sophistication. This intentional fusion not only positions Magali Pascal as a trendsetter in the eyes of the youth but also ensures a lasting connection with the brand's enduring elegance. In essence, the rebranding goes beyond aesthetics; it is a thoughtful strategy to seamlessly bridge the brand's rich legacy with the dynamic spirit of the modern era.

Rua Ferreira Borges 191

1350-131 / Lisboa, Portugal

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