Raglan, is a coastal town in the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island.
It’s known for black-sand Ngarunui Beach and the long surf break at Manu Bay. The well-known Surf breaks of this particular region brings many surfers and tourist.

UP SURF is a Surf Coaching service that allows beginners, intermedium and advanced level surfers from all ages to enjoy the surf in Raglan.

We designed a brand based on the asian martial arts communications and graphical systems. Japan and its culture of Samurais, karate, judo and other martial arts where the ones that caught our attention, all this martial arts have something in common; discipline. We wanted to create a brand that was very close to the way the Dojos behave in japan. We imagine how would it be to have a surf dojo and we based our graphical system in the stereotypes and archetypes of the Japanese culture.

Brand identity
New Zealand, 2017