Motif is a creative content studio in Manhattan, New York. The studio was created by Vanessa Londoño a Colombian writer that has won very important international literature awards.

We designed the Motif brand to speak directly to the clients, reflecting its creative and trustworthy spirit. Engaging with the public is quite a difficult task, and the Motif brand needs to reflect how language can be used to deliver an effective and unique message. Quotation marks represent a group of words that are being repeated. As you see the symbol, you already connect the idea of something being said. Motif opens a dialogue, repeating the client’s message after digesting it and developing it through a creative narrative.

This concept is reflected through this brand construction by having the letters and characters that compose the logo go out of their traditional and organized way of being portrayed. Motif rebels and shows a new way of communicating information.

Brand identity / Web
NY, 2017