The visual concept for Oficial came from the idea of learning and experiencing. We wanted the brand to connect not only with the act of making coffee, but also with everything that happens on the way of producing it, from its origin until its final location and state. We wanted this branding to create a visual map of Café Oficial’s complete process.

The map allowed us to visualize and simplify into design the brand’s work to reach its final product. Search and finding coffee in different parts of the world, sending it from its origin to Santiago, distributing it as a B2B brand and processing it for POS: in this map we designed a whole visual system with a great story to tell.

Moving away from the traditional idea of map, we focused on the different steps to make this product and then designed an “equation” in which the factors were those steps. In the end, we found out that, by adding the steps, we could visualize the whole production process of the brand and thus understand it easily. We had a brand in which all graphic elements teach us, feed us.

Branding / Packaging
Lisbon, 2018