HANGOVER OFF is a vitamins and minerals product that helps recover the body from dehydration. The brand defined their target into three different segments; The Sports Aficionados / The Business People and The Clever Partygoers. The focus for this branding campaign was to design a visual and conceptual language that could speak to all of the segments under one premise, when we went deep into the value proposition of the brand we realised that the motivation of the users was to “gain time”, hangovers can be tough and they make you lose time. We thought of Hangover Off as a way to get back the time you spent recovering from the dehydration. Our concept was then implemented through the use of images that represented the hopes of the desired segment.

Real people in real situations enjoying and doing activities, this active people would become the ideal that the brand proposes for an active young segment. We apply the brand’s identity and colours to create the images that with call to actions and smart statements will lead the communication of the brand for the next months.

Brand identity / Web
Copenhagen, 2018