UNIKA* STUDIO is a creative agency, created in 2015 by Sergio Castro; Founder & executive creative director and Gréthel Signamarcheix; Founder & CEO. UNIKA has two offices. The first one in Bali, Indonesia and the second one in Lisbon, Portugal.

We are specialized in branding, digital marketing, brand management, art direction, interior design, fashion and product design. We love to create and help brands to get to the next level.

Design is not our work but our passion.Unika is a team of designers and marketers who will help you build and/or develop your brand!

Come and join us!

¨ There was no better way to represent all the ideas we had with our Brand, as Unika* did. The concept was perfectly understood, as if they were a member of INMOBILI. Our expectations were always high but Unika definitely beat them! ¨

Rossana Castro

MOB The People You Need / C.E.O

What we do



A brand is the outcome of a well thought and developed value proposal. The value proposal is the starting point to the whole branding conceptual and visual system. The most important part of any design process is to understand what we want to say and to whom.

Once we know this we can start thinking in how are we going to deliver the most relevant information to our target users/clients. The branding concept and design is nothing without a well thought communication & marketing strategy.



One of the things we always want to bring into our projects is emotion – the feeling of the brand, how does the brand behaves in the imaginaries of the targeted audience? Does it feel good? We work in collaboration with many artists to create images of impact, images that will have an effect on the communication of the company/business, images that speak for themselves. The process of conceptualizing and producing an advertising campaign or a any other photoshoot or styling project is something that for us is just the life circle of the brand. It has to come naturally and it has to express the same concept of the branding and marketing strategies.



Graphic design comes into play after a well thought conceptual process, the graphic systems are often the product of a strategy and are used to communicate a specific message to the selected segment/target groups.

Once we know what we want to say, we can work out how are we going to say it. Visual/graphic elements mixed with strong copies, taglines, slogans or key words of the campaign strategy will give life to the brand communication pieces.



We’ve always believed that the only way to truly engage with your segments is to know them. How can we get to know our segment? The answer is interaction. The more you interact with your target or segment the more you know them. Nowadays we have tools that allows us store the data of the users/clients/segment/target etc… Websites and social media profiles are the best solutions to achieve an accurate communication with the final user of our products/services. We develop websites and other online applications and create information delivery strategies where we are able to measure and analyse all interaction.



Every marketing strategy needs a specific set of rules. The marketing strategy allows us to develop workflows dedicated exclusively to find better and more effective ways to reach to our segments. The possibility of engaging with very specific users on social media platforms allows the brand to apply marketing strategies to reach and identify the possible message carriers. Through the different social media platforms we can target specific niche and create images and content that is relevant according to their personal environment. This content has to be delivered in a manner that also needs to be tailored to that specific niche. Our work is to study, design the strategy, apply it, manage and measure. The statistics will be the path to follow to keep improving and growing in the market.



Design thinking is a method or a work system that allows the creative processes to be more effective. This methods can be applied to many companies and workflows to help them solve problems that are not necessarily design problems. Book a lecture or invite us to help you standardize your work methods to achieve a more efficient time frames and work flows. We work as a consulting agency, where we visit and observe what you are doing and how, which allows us to create a proposal for new ways to improve.

“Unika* gave us a great concept for the EURO 2016, sponsors were happy and it was probably one of the most successful campaigns and events we ever ran at Old’s”

Sean Cosgrove

Old Man’s Bali / Founder / C.E.O

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